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Easy To Use Accounts Management application

Quick & easy manage the Accounts operations within your organization. Be it managing transactions, bookkeeping, reconciliation, etc, we have got everything covered for you.

Smart Finance Application

Say goodbye to spending time on repetitive and manual processes. Instead focus on growing your business and increasing productivity. Prepare and manage the account ledgers, finances, transaction, debts, etc in under a few minutes.

Fully Integrated Platform

Our accounts management application has extensive features and solutions such as web & mobile based access integrated with advanced report generation tools, access to accounts overview in single click, data security, etc, all integrated in a single application.

100% Privacy Protected

Ideal For Businesses Of Any Size

Easy To Use Interface

Fair & Affordable Pricing

Training For Your Staffs

24X7 Technical Assistance

Improved Sales & Profits

Get increased sales and profits, by using our advanced inventory management tools, that gives you positive cash flow by eliminating overstocking and understocking, and preventing any unwanted expenses.

How will our Accounts Management Application help you ?
Easy & Quick

Simple and fast data entry process makes your accounts management easier. You don’t have to rely on mundane manual work which is time consuming. Get all your accounts done in just a few clicks.

Improved Accuracy

Reduces the human error which may otherwise happen in manual accounts management. Using the application, you get your financial operations accurate with almost zero errors.

Share & Collaborate

Collaborate with your employees, colleagues and advisers easily. No need to email back and forth to get required financial data. Using the application, your team and advisers can access needed accounting information, using role based logins and accessibility.

Secure Storage

Securely save your financial records and accounts with our greater encryption levels. Your works will be saved and backed up timely. With our role based accessibility, your confidential information will be secured, and it will be shared only with your chosen team members and advisers.

Saves Time

Tired of approving invoices and cash disbursements ? Save a tremendous amount of time by approving payments from anywhere and make your financial processes effective using just a few clicks on your mobile or web.

Access Anytime

Access your financial data and information anytime and anywhere. You can login from any device, be it from your office or from your backyard, as you don’t have to wait for the assistance of your accounts professional to get you the numbers.

Centralized Accounting Data

Save the time and efforts of your employees by centralizing your accounting data. Your team and multiple departments can access the data anywhere, anytime so that they can focus more on other relevant works. Access is role based.

Simplified Tax Compliance

Manage your local taxes and set your own tax slabs using our simple tax compliance module. You can calculate various taxes required for your accounts operation using just a few clicks in the application.

Better Control On Finances

Control your financial processes by streamlining the complete invoice process, analysing income and debts, and a clear view of your financial processes. This will help you to analyse any financial leaks and fraudulent activities.

Reduced Operational Costs

Eliminate outsourcing your bookkeeping works and other manual data entry works, by using this single application that can save a massive number of working hours and efforts.

Informative Financial Reports

Take smart and informed financial decisions by acquiring in-depth financial reports. Be it reports on your transactions, debts, profits or anything, you can get your reports at your fingertips. Integrated with data analysis tools our reports give you an overview of your accounting operations.

Low Initial Setup Cost

As our application is cloud based, you don’t have to install bulky softwares or servers, purchases or migration to set up your accounts management system. You can access the application from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Save Staff Costs

Using our application, you don’t need an army of financial experts to take care of your accounting needs. Reduce the number of staff by automating your entire accounting processes which you may otherwise need in manual accounting.

Improved Productivity

Say goodbye to manual data entry process, financial approvals, individual invoice creation and time consuming account operations. Your team can now focus on other important business operations as our application will take care of everything related to your accounts management.

Greater Scalability

Easily scale your accounts management as your company grows. No matter the size of your organization, our application can fit a business of any size.

All In One Application

Manage all your accounting operations using this single application. Be it basic accounts management, financial transactions, bookkeeping, ledger management and creating insightful financial reports, we have everything covered for your business all in one go.


Faster Accounts Management Anywhere & Anytime, Automate Processes In A Single Click.

Easy to use and loaded with advanced features to manage the finance accounts of your organization in one go. Our application helps you save 250+ hours in a month on accounting tasks.

With just a few clicks you can automate the entire financial operations in your organization, thereby eliminating manual errors, profit leakages and fraudulent financial activities.

Businesses of all sizes can use the application, that too without having to worry about the costs. Assortment of features and our extensive customer support makes it the best accounts management application available in the market.

Advanced Accounts Management Tools

Manage Unlimited Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Customized Accounts Overview In One Click

Advanced Report Generation

Easy & Secure Data Management

Activity & Finance Tracking

Ledger Master

Add, edit & manage the accounting records and data of your business. Here, you can manage your key financial documents, trial balance, profit & loss statement and balance sheet.

User Friendly UI

Clean and elegant User Interface to manage the whole application effortlessly. Easy and quick navigation modules to help you access the application from any device.


Add & manage cash, bank & journal transactions using this module. Automates your account transactions within just a few clicks, so that you can manage the transactions with zero errors in fraction of time.

GST Transactions

Set up & Manage your GST, automatically calculate your GST returns, create GST invoicing, choose GST tax slabs and much more. Our application autofetches your GST details, file accurate GST returns and manages your GST operations in just one go.

Bank Reconciliation

Track your cash flow and safely import your bank transactions everyday. Effortlessly reconcile huge bank transactions and get daily updates about your finances seamlessly.

Contra Entry

Manage all the transactions using the contra entry module. Record all the cash receipts, including credit and debit transactions which will be automatically updated.

Cash & Bank Books

Automatically records your cash and bank transactions, auto updates your balance and manages your deposits & withdrawals, all in one place.

Day Book

Manage your day book, track expenses & income, and view financial reports categorized by date and time. You can also summarize it into a set of financial statements.

Ledger Wise Reports

Get ledger wise reports that show all transactions from accounts in a chosen date range. You can also create reports on outstanding status of bills of accounts.

Group Schedule Reports

Automatically groups similar accounts together for analysis and review. You can create and manage group schedule reports in just a few clicks thereby saving your time.

Receipts & Payments Report

Get the full summary of your cash transactions, including both receipts and payments. You can create the reports in less time and effort, so as to take better and quick financial decisions.

Trial Balance

Easily create all financial statements, balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements. Secure your account statements using our role based access.

Profit & Loss Account

Easily analyse your company’s revenue, profits, losses and expenses in a particular time period. Easily compare P&L statements from different accounting periods to analyse whether your company has made profit or loss.

Balance Sheet

Lists assets, liabilities and equities seamlessly. You can create reports on cash flow and budgets in just a few clicks. You can also conduct financial analysis to make better financial decisions.


Create professional looking templates for invoices, estimates, receipts, quotation etc by adding your company logo, colours, fonts and style.


You don’t need costly software installations, updates or servers to get your inventory right. Our lightweight web and mobile application helps you manage your inventory from anywhere, at any time, so that you are always updated about each and every operation happening in your inventory department.

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