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E-Learning gives students easy access to education regardless of where they are.

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Technology has influenced almost all aspects of our lives, education is no different. Over the past few years, E-Learning has grown rapidly thanks to its extraordinary benefits for both students and instructors. E-Learning gives students easy access to education regardless of where they are. In addition, it also offers the promise of providing an optimal learning process that suits every student's needs

According to Binus University, India ranks first in the top countries which adopted e-learning. E-learning applications and processes include Web-based learning, Mobile app, and Computer-based learning, virtual education opportunities and digital collaboration. Content is delivered through online from teacher to student. That is to say, e-learning systems contain both a Learning Management System and Course Management System.

White Cloud Infotech is introducing the e-learning platform that enables educational institutions and individual teachers to serve their students online. Using this platform, teachers and institutions can add or modify courses, create online classrooms for live teaching, evaluate assignments uploaded by the students, evaluate student progress, create exams, track progress/attendance, everything in one interface.

The platform blends learning and online teaching in HD with an integrated online classroom, enabling 2-way video and phone call option, interactive teaching, screen sharing, chats as well as recording classes. Designed with an individual dashboard for the institution, teachers, students, and parents, each of them have access to tools to monitor the learning process.


The need for e-learning continues to grow, and recent happenings only accelerated the rate of adoption and need for this technology. At White Cloud Infotech, our aim is to provide powerful, customizable, and affordable e-learning solutions to institutions, schools, and colleges, so as to make e-learning accessible for everyone.

White Cloud's e-learning platform offers online learning that can be delivered anytime and anywhere through a wide range of electronic learning solutions such as web-based courseware, online discussion groups, live virtual classes, video and audio streaming, webchat, online simulations, and virtual mentoring.

Our platform enables organizations to transcend distance and other organizational gaps by providing a cohesive virtual learning environment.

Studies indicate that e-learning has the potential to reduce overall training time by 40% to 60%. White Cloud's e-learning platform helps businesses cut down on various expenses and also increases productivity, which in turn leads to greater profitability


All in one platform to manage students, teachers, classes and schedules.

Get a detailed report on student-teacher activities, progress and updates of students, all in just a few clicks.

Collect payments easily using the secure fee collection mechanism.

Provide group training for students using advanced and easy to use tools, thus eliminating the hassles of usual online classes.

The in-built features of our e-learning application will help you to provide individual attention to students amidst the group training, thus making the online class similar to real interaction.

Gain flexibility in assigning time tables for students and teachers.

Cut down various expenses and also increases productivity, which in turn leads to greater profitability.

Track the performance of both teachers and students, and ensure that they fulfill their performance achievements.


Give personalized training to students using advanced online digital tools.

Create, upload and track courses and exams.

Motivate students with regular feedback and timely assistance.

Access database of students which includes attendance, performance, feedback, exams, etc.

Track the performance of each student and get a detailed analytical report.

Collect assignments online and set deadlines for submissions.

Make classes interactive by uploading multimedia, whiteboard and online quizzes.

Assist students individually and group-wise depending upon the needs of each student.

Access study materials anytime anywhere.

Create exams and question papers online, and upload it via through easy to use interface.

Interact effectively with students and parents via chat, online calls and videos.


Flexible schedule to attend classes online.

Attend and access classes from anywhere in the world.

Opportunity to view lectures again through recorded classes.

Skill development via live online classes from experts.

Submit assignments and homework seamlessly in just a few clicks.

Advanced digital interaction tools to communicate with teachers and to clear doubts on any topics.

Get instantly notied of any announcements and changes in course materials or syllabus.

Access study materials, progress reports, tutor feedback, online quizzes, question papers, etc, all in one place.

Learn a variety of topics and subjects at an individual pace.

Easy to use application.

Admin Dashboard

It gives you access to add, control, and update the entire database of students, teachers, and classes, all in one place. Here you can monitor and interact with everyone in the institution.

Master Module

Institution can create all the masterclasses in this module.

Class Module

Multiple classes for multiple subjects are obvious for any institution. Here, you can add or modify the classes with just a few clicks.

Subject Module

Each institution has multiple subjects to handle. In this module, you can seamlessly add or modify the subjects.

Chapter Module

Specic chapters to be completed on specic days are part of the learning process. This module enables the institution to plan, add or modify this process easily. You can also track the progress of each chapter.

Sub Chapter Module

Here you can add or modify the sub-chapters of any subject, which results in better planning and productivity in virtual learning.

Course Module

Add, review, and modify the courses of the institution. This module uses different types of tools for course development, management, distribution, collaboration, and delivery.

Student Module

Add or modify students according to the class.

Teacher Module

Add or modify teachers according to the class.


Our e-learning platform is tailor-made where you can add customized features to suit your needs. In addition, the institution's logo and theme colour can be added to match the platform to suit the institution's branding needs.


Assign online class for students using the Zoom integrated module, where classes are carried out in groups or individuals. Our advanced tools will help teachers and students to interact in real-time, without the hassles of distance.


Here, institutions can create online tests for students, by allotting online question papers and monitoring the virtual exam.


Collect fees using our easy to use and secure fee collection mechanism, which is end to end encrypted. You can also get a detailed report of payments from respective students from the dashboard.


Here, you can view the recorded data obtained from the online tests of students in an organized manner.


Inform teachers, students and parents about important updates and announcements. Proper communication is the key to successful e-learning.


Create staff meetings for teachers using the zoom integrated module. You can also view the performance of each teacher via our advanced staff evaluation tools.


In this module, institutions can upload or modify the study materials for students which can be in the form of documents, audio, video, graphics, or whiteboard. You can also create or modify question paper sets for the online tests.


Teachers can add or edit students in this module according to the instructions from the institution.


This module enables the teachers to mark and manage the online attendance of each student which will also be noted for the performance analysis.


Here, teachers can upload study materials according to the class. Study materials can be in the form of videos, audio, documents, whiteboard, or animation.


Teach your students through live online classes via chat, video, audio and share screen. In addition, our platform provides tools to record classes to share with students.


Interact with the students using the real-time chat option, push-button notications for doubt clearance, video and audio calls.


Create online tests for students in this module. You can also review the tests, input the test scores and create progress reports.


Teachers can interact with the parents and share student feedback via our advanced communication channel.


The progress of each student can be monitored via the database of student progress parameters. Teachers can also input the feedback using a comment box of each student prole. Our advanced report analyzer tools can form meaningful data about the progress.


It allows teachers to launch a mini-quiz, raise poll questions, assign quick assessment tasks, and so on. Our student response system can instantly examine students' understanding levels while learning virtually.


Give rewards to students based on their behavior while attending the sessions and this keeps motivating the students to maintain a disciplined behavior at all times.


Attend online classes using our zoom integrated module. Students can also access recorded classes if they happen to miss attending a class and also for viewing the lectures again for better learning.


Students can view the summary of online tests including the test scores, feedback from teachers, corrections and improvements. Individual student progress reports will also be accessible in this module.


Here, students can access the materials assigned by teachers or the institution. Our platform supports multiple formats of content to support interactive learning.


Assignments and homework can be uploaded using this module. Students can also access the feedback on these via the respective comment sections once the teacher completes the evaluation.


In this section, students are able to receive important notications and announcements from the teachers and institutions.


Doubts while attending a live online class can be cleared by sending a push notication via our e-learning platform. This push notication will be received by the teacher who will then interact with the student for doubt clearance.


Our experts will guide you step by step right from the beginning. Be it about deciding what parameters to add in the platform, best practices for conducting online classes, or to learn more about e-learning, we are here to help you.


Worried about how to adapt to the new platform ? We provide customized training for your staffs to conduct online classes seamlessly.


Once you start using our e-learning platform, we will take care of all the technical difficulties. Our customer support will be live and you can also request us dedicated technical assistance if needed.

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