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Does your day revolves around skimming through multiple case files? Do you have to go through court websites multiple times a day to review updates about your ongoing cases? Using White Cloud’s Web Application for law firms, you can manage cases & appointments and add other information to your dashboard. Our application will automate the whole process for you!

White Cloud Infotech introduces advanced Web Application for law firms and individual lawyers which help you to effectively manage the clients, cases, appointments, tasks, invoices and much more, all in one place. What makes our Web Application different is that it gives you all the needed online tools to manage every aspect of your law firm.

You can keep detailed information on your clients and cases while managing your services easily. Our application helps you to save time and costs by increasing productivity, making your whole legal operations easy. As our application is easy to use, your team members don’t need any intensive training to learn to use the application. You can easily manage invoices and billing so that to track all the income and expenses in one single platform.

Being a Web & Software Development company, White Cloud Infotech has helped numerous clients all over the world to grow their business using our advanced web solutions. Our expert developers will assist you in each stage to build the best web solution for your law firm. We ensure that you get the best of the services and our whole team will strive to manage your business online.


White Cloud Infotech introduces an advanced Web Application for your law business. Integrated with top features our application will help your law firm to easily manage the entire operations online so that to save tremendous time and effort which you otherwise spent on managing it offline. From now, you can say goodbye to skimming through multiple case files, missing appointments and following up with your team members.

The benefits of White Cloud’s advanced Web Application for your law firm are as follows:


Using our web application you can manage all the operations of your law firm in one single platform. Be it managing your cases, tasks, appointments, income, expenses or vendors, we have every right tools integrated in our web application.


Skimming through multiple case files and visiting your court websites several times a day to get updates about your cases will be an old story once you start using our web application. With just a few clicks, you can get all the needed information and manage tasks easily.


Do you know that law firms using web application have grown by 7% in 3 years time, but even more noticeable, 100% of large law firms (over 700 lawyers) have a web application to manage their business ? Our web application not just helps you to manage your business, it also helps you to grow your business.


Using our web application you can automate most of the operations of your legal firm and thus need less manpower to take care of your business. It makes your system more efficient and will also help your team to focus on important tasks rather than redundant activities that can be taken care of by our application.


Our web application is not built for computer experts or accountants. Built exclusively for lawyers, our system is simple to use, and we have eliminated time consuming complexities, so that your whole team doesn’t need any particular training to use our web application. All it takes is just a few minutes to start using our application.


We value your business and we use the advanced security standards to build this web application. The data is kept highly secured and no one can see your firm’s information except you. Moreover, we have also integrated role based accessibility, so that you can decide what information must be shared with your particular team members and with whom.


Using the centralized dashboard, you will get a summarized data about the total clients, total cases, total important cases and total completed cases. Our centralized dashboard also contains the following elements.

Case Board

Here, you can maintain complete case details like case history, case transfer, next hearing date etc.


Here, you can view the list of appointments you have for that particular day. You can also view the previous and upcoming appointments for each date.


Here, you can view the calendar and get the overview of the important tasks you have for each month and day.


Client Manager helps you to manage all the information about your clients, all in one go. You can search the information about a particular client in just a single click, so that you don’t have to go through multiple files. Here, you can see the details of each clients such as;

● Client Name

● Phone Number

● Case Status

● Action


Using this module, you can add and manage multiple case details. You can also search the cases between specific dates, to avoid any complexities. It helps you to label the cases as follows;

● Running cases

● Important Cases

● No board Cases

● Archived Cases

A complete overview of the cases will be available in the Case Manager module. In just a single click, you can search and find any case details. You can add the following details in this section;

● Client & Case Details

● Court Details

● Petitioner vs Respondent

● Next Date

● Status

● Action


Managing tasks is the vital component of the success of any organization. But what if you have to follow up each team member to get your tasks done ? What if you miss any important task ? Not anymore. Using this module, you can manage multiple tasks efficiently. The following elements related to tasks can be added and managed.

● Task Name

● Related Details

● Start Date

● Deadline

● Team Members

● Status

● Priority

● Action


No more missed appointments! This module helps you to plan your day effectively and thereby bringing ultimate customer satisfaction for your legal firm. You can add the name of the client you fixed the appointment, date, time, phone number, status and other important details.


Manage your team efficiently using our Team Manager module. It helps you to sort out the operations of your entire legal firm and keep it well organized. Our Team Manager module is divided into two categories.

Team Member

Using the team member module, you can see the entire details of your team members in a single overview. Details such as Name, email, contact number, role, status and action, can be added and managed.


Here, you can assign roles for each of your team members. Based on these roles, you can assign tasks and accessibility of information to be shared.


Manage your income and expenses all under one single platform. Our income manager is divided into two categories.


In this module, you can add and manage the amount you charge for each particular service. It will help you to analyse your financial operations efficiently.


Invoices related to your clients can easily be managed here. You can track the payments you received from the clients and can easily search the due and status you need to receive from each client.


Easily add and manage the list of your vendors using our Vendor Manager module. You can get the complete overview of the details of your vendors in this section. Status of each vendor can also be added to organize your operations.


Expenses related to travel, court fees, calls and other overheads can be recorded easily as and when they occur using this module. You can organize your expenses under different labels, such as paid amount, due amount, total amount, invoice number etc, respective to each expense. Measuring and managing your expenses will help you to grow your business systematically.

White Cloud Infotech’s advanced web application solution for legal firms will help you to manage your law business easily. We provide our customers with the fastest and safest technology solutions in minimal time possible. We are keen to integrate advanced features to ensure that our clients get the most efficient solution to grow their business. As a full-service firm, we provide product guidance, technical strategy implementation and constant support for businesses of any size.

Our application development team offers you a web application integrated with efficient tools and advanced features. It helps you to save immense time and money. Our development services offer you multiple features with expressive UI, smooth design and great performance. We collaborate with you from the initial stages to the completion, and for the maintenance beyond it.

We hope that we have provided all the necessary information related to your project. We look forward to working with you soon.

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