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White Cloud Infotech introduces an advanced website for your salon business. Integrated with top features our website will help your salon business to easily generate and manage appointments online. You can also list the complete set of your services, so that your customers can choose the needed services without any confusions.

You can keep detailed information on your clients and cases while managing your services easily. Our application helps you to save time and costs by increasing productivity, making your whole operations easy. As our application is easy to use, your team members don’t need any intensive training to learn to use the application. You can easily manage invoices and billing so that to track all the income and expenses in one single platform.

Being a Web & Software Development company, White Cloud Infotech has helped numerous clients all over the world to grow their business using our advanced web solutions. Our expert developers will assist you in each stage to build the best web solution for your law firm. We ensure that you get the best of the services and our whole team will strive to manage your business online.


White Cloud Infotech introduces an advanced Web Application for your salon/spa business. Integrated with top features our application will help your firm to easily manage the entire operations online so that to save tremendous time and effort which you otherwise spent on managing it offline.

The proposed website modules are as follows:

Home Page

Attractive and neat homepage that has all the essential details, including the ‘Online Appointment Generator’, so as to keep it easy for the customers to make the appointment.


You can list the complete set of your services in this section. Duration and cost of each service can also be mentioned here, so that customers can book your service without any confusion.


Beauty industry is highly visual! In the gallery page, you can add as many pictures of your services, so as to attract your potential clients to the salon.


Blog section will help you to add, edit and modify the latest news and updates about your salon and the services you offer. You can also use the blog to make your website search engine friendly, so as to get organic enquiries from Google.


Customers may forget the time and date that they have made their appointment for. This means that they either have to call or email the salon in order to get the details. Our advanced online appointment generator on the website lets you avoid this by providing each customer with their own unique login details where they can access details of their appointment.


Here, you can add multiple modules for your customers to contact you that includes phone number, address, Email ID, social media profiles etc. We will also integrate a contact form in this section, so that you can receive customer support enquiries directly.

The benefits of having an advanced booking website for your salon are as follows;

● Grow and increase your revenue by generating more number of appointments using the advanced booking module integrated in the website.

● Beat your competition by using this advanced website for your business. While your competitors are still using an average website, you can stay ahead by building a contemporary website with efficient features for your business.

● Develop a strong relationship with your customers by scheduling their appointments online. As the online booking generator in your website is live 24*7, you won’t miss out any single appointment.

● Get an increased number of appointments without any limitations. Your customers can book their appointment any time of the day.

● Save your staff’s time which may otherwise be spent on attending calls to explain your list of services and costs. You can use this saved time to render your services at your salon, which also helps you to minimise your manpower.

Using the centralized dashboard, you will get a summarized data about the total clients, total cases, total important cases and total completed cases. Our centralized dashboard also contains the following elements.


Taking calls and answering emails is time consuming. If someone calls to make a hairdressing appointment, and the slot that they want is unavailable, you may need to correspond several times in order to find a suitable date and time. To attend the calls, either one of the staff will need to answer the call, or you will need to have a full-time front of desk person. Having an online booking system avoids this problem. Instead, the customer can book their appointment whenever they like. Using this, the customer can choose the type of service they need, number of people (for group visits), date and time.


List your services with all the necessary details. It gives your first-time clients and potential customers a fair idea of the services you offer along with the duration of the service and pricing. It is also a great way to show off your service menu to your customers. So that customers can be pursued to choose more than one service, thereby getting you increased revenue. This also enhances the rebooking experience for the customers.


Our designers will help you achieve your branding goals by designing your salon website by keeping your brand colours, style and combinations. So that your website will be a virtual extension of your salon.

White Cloud Infotech’s advanced web development solution for salons will help your salon business to generate and manage appointments easily. We provide our customers the fastest and safest technology solutions to build their website in minimal time possible. We are keen to integrate advanced features so as to ensure that our clients get the most efficient solution to grow their business. As a full service firm, we provide product guidance, technical strategy implementation and constant support for businesses of any size.

Our web development team offers you an advanced website with eye-catching design and mobile friendly features. It saves you immense time and money . Our web development services offer you multiple features with expressive UI, smooth design and great performance. We collaborate with you from the initial stages to the completion, and for the maintenance beyond it.

We hope that we have provided all the necessary information related to your project. We look forward to working with you soon.

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